Leak Detection

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If there is suspicion of a slab leak, it is best to call a professional for water leak detection. Tearing in to the floor of the house or the concrete can leave a mess that will cost more money to fix.

Leak Inspection

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Just because there is a symptom of a slab leak, doesn't mean that is the ultimate issue. There are also may be ways to fix the leak without tearing up the foundation.

Slab Leaks

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Depending on the situation and materials needed, there may be options to save the slab from being broken up and still be able to repipe it. This is a process where all the old pipes are pulled out or bypassed and inserted with new pipes.

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What is a Slab Leak?

To put it simply, a slab leak is water or fluid leaking through pipes installed in to or under the concrete slab. Since buildings are often constructed on these slabs, the plumbing for a home or a business go under the foundation. A slab leak may indicate that the foundation may have moved if it's cracked and outside water is leaking in or the pipes below the concrete broke. Slab leak that goes undetected, can further cause damage to the foundation or slab creating an air pocket and weaken the concrete further, pulling the pipes and potentially causing even more damage. Don't wait to find out what's going on below your home.

What are the signs of a Slab Leak?

A slab leak can often be detected before the damage becomes too costly. A homeowner should look out for certain cues and signs to see if a slab leak is happening. Is the well pump water running all the time or too often, even when no water is turned on? This could be the symptom of a broken pipe. Is there a hot spot on the ground floor that can't be explained? Escaped hot water could be heating that spot from below. If a homeowner has high water bills despite conserving water at every turn, this could be a symptom as well. Mysterious cracks in the walls, ceiling, or floor can also be damage from an undetected slab leak.

Insurance Approved Vendor

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After experiencing any type of household emergency wether it be a broken pipe, slab leak, busted water heater, clogged toilet or leaking faucet Empire Leak Detection & Plumbing is an insurance approved vendor for all major insurance companies. We deal with your insurance company directly so you don't have too! If it is a deductible your worried about we can help with that too. Call Us Today for more info. (951) 780-0904

Leak Detection Corona

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Leak detection is a specialty of Empire Leak Detection. With over 10 years experience in the industry, Empire Leak Detection has handled under slab leak detection all over Inand Empire & Riverside Counties. Empire Leak detection employs state of the art infrared technology in detecting and repairing your slab leak.

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Empire Leak Detection handles residential and commercial leak detection. Empire Leak Detection and the team will travel anywhere from Corona Ca to Temecula Ca or anywhere in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties to make your leak worries a thing of the past. Don’t delay your property and your peace of mind are at stake. Call Empire Leak Detection for all of your slab leak detection today!