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Leak Detection Reviews


I received a bill from Fontana Water for $413.00 and I nearly fainted. I called Empire Leak Detection and a gentleman named Dale came out, he did an inspection and discovered three major leaks, he saved me hundreds by telling me and my handyman how to repair the problems he found, he did not have to do that! He showed me how to cut my water off next time both inside and outside. He stayed 30 minutes showing me things around the property that could cause a leak. He then would not take any money from me, because he basically showed me how to fix my issues with my handyman. But, his time and service would have cost me well over $100 and I know it, thus, I forced Dale to take a mere $25.00 for a hamburger from him and his assistant. He refused, and I forced it in his hand. This is the most honest, professional I have ever met in my entire life, and I am no spring chicken. Call Empire Leak Detection & Plumbing when your water bill sends you into cardiac arrest, and I hope Dales comes out.  -Linae Annette

Dale was exemplary, we are brand new home owners. I received a huge water bill from the city and decided we must have a leak. Dale came out the next day and not only checked everything inside the house but also the sprinklers and showed me the emergency shut off valve for water in case of emergency. ( because of course I didn’t know now) Turns out we did not have a leak and they were honest about it and made no money. But they acted fair and I will recommend this company and I will use them when I actually do have an emergency because I know I’m getting the truth from Dale! – Brittany J.

After two months of exorbitant water bills and not figuring out on our own what the problem is, we called Empire leak detection and Dale was at our home within one hour. He diagnosed the problem within five minutes, for free and also told us what was going on with one of our pipes in the house that two previous plumbers had no idea what was causing it. Dale fixed it in under 10 seconds. This company is amazing! Dale is amazing! If it wasn’t for my seeing his truck in our front yard with my own eyes I would have sworn he rode up on a white horse. I cannot recommend Dale or Empire Leak Detection highly enough! They are amazing! – Sharon W.

Dale gets 6 stars! This guy saved me alot of money. He went above and beyond the call of duty and gave me the info about calling the city to address my plumbing issue. Once again thank you Dale and i will be using your services for any future plumbing issues. – Vince M.

Throughly professional, called empire early and they came out within a short time they found the source of the leak immediately in my kitchen floor the leak was fixed at a fair price. There’s is no way I can recommend this company higher. Simply a good company that knows there business. – Jacqueline V.

On Friday I smelled gas in my laundry room and called the gas company to check my appliances and furnace. They detected a leak in the wall by my furnace and turned off all gas to the house. I called a plumber I had used years ago and he said he would recipe the entire gas line because it would be hard to find the leak. (That would be estimated at $2000 to $3000). I then found Empire Leak Detection and Plumbing and was told I could have someone here Saturday morning to pressurize the line and find the leak.
The plumber sent was Ivan with Byers Plumbing. He and his assistant were awesome! They called during the arrival window of 10am to 11 am to let me know he was running a little late and would be here between 12 and 1pm. I really respect the fact that he called during the assigned window and informed me because I know many service companies don’t give you that courtesy or even give you a small window for your appointment. (Many give you a three to four hour window or more).
They quickly pressurized the line and found the problem. They had the parts to change the bad fitting near the valve and rechecked the whole line with pressure. They also replaced the line and valve to my dryer. Ivan was very professional and I could not have asked for a better experience. – Donna P.

Great service and excellent work, my kitchen floor was really hot and did not know a leak would be possible I called empire and they came out the same day found the leak and repaired it, I would use them again. – Albert V.

I just love this Company. I have used them many times. There work is superb and prices are very fair. I had an emergency water leak and they diagnosed and completed the job in record time. 2 weeks ago I had 2 issue’s with dishwasher and garbage disposer. They fixed both and it was the best price after getting 3 bids. YOUR ALL ROCK. YOUR MY PLUMBING SERVICE FOR LIFE. Thanks Hector, always very professional. Thanks again, Darcy